Labeling them dumb is simply a way of not trying to understand their situation, or what they value.

I just red this quote in this article about Trump voters.

Labeling or judging is easy. It’s (to) easy to scream and fall in that trap. But you can also try to understand. Understand a person, their situation, their values, their reasoning. Maybe they aren’t dumb, they are just different from what you are.

By coincidence I found the above quote in a article about Trump voters. The article wasn’t super interesting to me, but this quote stood out. I see it day in and day out: judgement or labeling. If you have the power to take one step away from this, you can step to another level. The one who can understand -other than judge- can also influence or take action based on this understanding and therefore be much more powerful than the judgemental guy.

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